How To Remove Taboola Feed From Samsung Phone: 5 Steps

How to remove taboola feed from samsung phone

Taboola is a well-known content discovery platform that acts as a native advertising network for both publishers and advertisers. This post covers how you can remove the taboola feed from your Samsung phone or any android phone in a few simple steps.

However, these steps may or may not fulfill the need you desired. You can check your phone settings to get rid of taboola news or feed.

Introducing Taboola and its purpose:

The company was founded by Adam Singolda in 2007, with New York City as its Head Office. Taboola operates in over 50 countries and has a reach of approximately 1 billion people monthly.

Taboola’s technology analyzes the interests of each individual user and serves them the most relevant content.

  • It allows users to find new and interesting content from around the internet
  • Help users discover new content that they may not have otherwise found
  • Find new and interesting content from a variety of sources
  • Discover new content to read, watch, or listen to
  • Get new articles, videos, or even blogs that you might not have otherwise come across

How To Remove Taboola Feed From Samsung Phone?

  • Open the Samsung phone’s Settings app
  • Tap on the “Accounts and Sync”
  • Find the “Taboola” entry in the list of accounts and tap on it
  • Tap on the “Remove Account” button
  • Confirm to remove the account

Get Rid of Taboola News From Android Phone

  • To remove Taboola news from your Android phone, open the Taboola app and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Tap ‘Settings’, then scroll down and tap ‘Remove Account’.
  • Confirm that you want to remove your account by tapping ‘Yes, remove my account’.

Stop Seeing Taboola Feed On Your Mobile Phone

  • If you’re using an iPhone, open the Settings app and scroll down to Safari. Tap Content Blockers, then toggle the switch next to “Block All Tracking” to the right.
  • This will block Taboola’s tracking across all websites in Safari. If you’re using an Android phone, you can download a browser extension like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus to block Taboola’s tracking.

How Does Taboola Work?

Taboola platform recommends content that uses machine learning algorithms to suggest articles, videos, and user specific queries.

When a user visits a website that has integrated Taboola, the platform auto analyzes the user’s interests and browsing history to understand their preferences. Based on this information, Taboola will recommend content that is likely to be of interest to the user.

When a user clicks on one of the recommended items, the publisher of the content is paid a fee by Taboola. This fee is typically a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the content.

By using machine learning algorithms to personalize the content recommendations, Taboola helps publishers to increase engagement with their website and drive more traffic to their content.

The Benefits of Taboola Feed

The main benefits of using Taboola Feed include:

  • Increased Engagements: By recommending relevant and personalized content to users, Taboola Feed assists to increase engagement with your website or app, resulting in more pageviews and longer user sessions.
  • Higher Revenue: By recommending content that is likely to be of interest to users, Taboola Feed can help to drive more traffic to your content, which can in turn generate more advertising revenue for you.
  • Improved U/X: By suggesting personalized content to users, Taboola Feed can help to improve the overall user experience on your website or app, making it more enjoyable and engaging for users.
  • Easy Implementations: Taboola Feed can be easily integrated into your website or app, requiring less effort from your end. Once it is set up, the platform will automatically recommend content to users, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content.

Why You Might Want To Remove Taboola?

There are a few reasons why you might want to remove Taboola from your website or app.

  • Reduced User-Engagement: If you find that your users are not engaging with the recommended content or if the platform is causing users to leave your website or app, you should remove it asap.
  • Poor User Experience: If your users are reporting a negative experience with the content recommended by Taboola, or if you are receiving complaints about the platform, you can remove and improve the overall end-user experience.
  • Compliance Issues: If your domain is in a regulated industry, such as finance or healthcare, you may want to remove Taboola in order to comply with certain regulations or standards.
  • Cost: If the fees charged by Taboola are not justified by the benefits it provides, you may want to remove the platform in order to save money.

However, the decision to remove Taboola from your website or app will depend on your specific circumstances and goals. If you are unsure whether to remove Taboola, you may want to consult with a digital marketing expert or consider testing the platform to see if it provides value to your business.

The Disadvantages of Having a Taboola Feed

If you use taboola feed on your website there are a few disadvantages to that. One of the concerns is that taboola is a third-party service, so you could expect downtime if their servers are down or they are experiencing technical difficulties.

Also for your concern, Taboola is a paid service, there is the potential for your website to become associated with low-quality, spammy content if you are not careful about the sources you include in your feed.

Finally, because Taboola includes content from a variety of sources, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent tone and voice on your website if you are using a Taboola feed.


In conclusion, a Taboola Feed can be a useful tool for increasing engagement and revenue on your website or app. By using machine learning algorithms to recommend personalized content to users, the platform can help to drive more traffic to your content and generate more advertising revenue. However, using a content recommendation platform like Taboola also comes with some potential disadvantages, including reduced control over the content displayed on your website and potential compliance issues. At last, the decision to use a Taboola Feed will depend on your specific goals and circumstances. It may be worth considering testing the platform to see if it provides value to your business before making a decision.