Mobilancers: Mobile Freelancers – New Workforce of Digital Era

Mobilancers Mobile Freelancers – Changing Landscape of the Gig Economy

The Rise of Mobilancers: Mobile Freelancers

The last ten years have been marked by the phenomenal growth of the gig economy and the freelance workforce. Today, technology has introduced more flexible working opportunities where skilled specialists are able to cater for differing demands on demand without being tied to a specific job. The emergence of this trend has made people eagerly occupied with the new class – Mobilancers.

What are Mobilancers?

Mobile freelancers are those who are independent workers who use technology to work from home and do freelance jobs from anywhere. As smartphones, laptops, tablets and mobile internet are no longer an exclusive feature of the privileged, a more significant number of professionals are choosing for this method of freelancing and location independence.

Key Characteristics

Mobilancers have the below key characteristics:

  • Get a smartphone app that allows you not only to chat with clients and business prospects but also to do web searches for your job in the process.
  • Subject of expertise such as programming, writing, design, administration etc.
  • Ask the owners to be flexible by allowing members to choose projects, set rates and work hours of their own.
  • Able to take work anywhere at any time, as long as they have a phone and a internet connection.

These freelancers are the mobile working labor force with self-employed knowledge workers such as programmers, designers, writers, accountants, and consultants as the main segments. They are mobile due to their own lappy and smart phone equipment, which is a great advantage over other technicians.

What is a Mobilancer

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The coming of co-working spaces, cheap cloud tools and mobile-first online platforms have also been the pushers of mobile freelancers. They can be at home, shared office, coffee shops, and even when on the move. This aids them in evading the rigid work schedules and enjoying a balanced work-life.

Some even become digital nomads, who travel to different cities or countries to manage their freelance workflow. Mobile freelance careers attract self-starters who are able to obtain online assignments without being confined to a particular office and don’t depend on fixed office setting. This is the sign of a transition from flexible and remote jobs enabled by mobile technology to an ‘new’ type of knowledge work as a result of smart technology.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to this way of life, but mobile freelancing is slowly becoming a career choice that people are really starting to get into because of the freedom and flexibility that it gives them.

The mobile apps and platforms of the dedicated website bring clients who post projects on the same platform with the mobileancers who search for work.

Benefits for Mobilancers

  • Be connected to suitable jobs compared to their skill set, experince, and profile.
  • Create a portfolio that highlights your skills, work samples and reviews.
  • Chat or video call with clients instantly in the app (the app).
  • Secure payments and get rewarded rebates through the loyalty programs.

Benefits for Clients

  • Access to a ready to hire, skilled talent pool for short-term jobs
  • Publish all types of jobs – writing, data entry, or design for instance.
  • Screen out right mobilancer by looking at the profile.
  • The app allows you to make safe payments and leave feedback/reviews

This mechanism enables giggers to capitalize on the sharing economy possibilities and use even their handphone.

Mobilancers: The raft of the new workforce

Mobilancers The raft of the new workforce

Several socio-economic factors have caused the number of mobilancers to grow exponentially over the last 5-7 years across the globe:

Economic Forces

  • The fact that stagnant wages from traditional jobs have pushed people to look for additional income has been the explanation for this.
  • I am the one who has been running away from my responsibilities during the last recession and taking up the freelance work to achieve a financial stability.
  • Young people want to have the freedom to change their career instead of traditionally going into the same field.

Technological Forces

  • Smartphones and mobile internet provide the possibility to work anywhere.
  • App-based economics through enabling mobilancer’s destinations to clients.
  • Cashless payment systems, which enable immediate transfer of mobilancers’ revenues to their personal accounts.

The Social & Lifestyle Choices

  • Millenials and the next generations of workers tend to give priority to their work-life balance rather than the inflexible office 9-to-5 schedules.
  • Proficient parents, as well as desire of freedom-seeking and semi-retirement-driven individuals for the mobilance atmosphere
  • The COVID pandemic that made us work from home.

However, the success of this emerging segment of digital defterous, independent professionals who make a living by offering their digital talents to mobile gamers cannot be overstated.

Current Statistics

Going by Intuit reports, the number of telecommuting workers in the US workforce may touch 50 percent by 2030. At present, 35% of US workers are freelancers and they make an average of $1 trillion a year through mobilancing platforms.

Moreover, workers from Europe are also using that rate scale, resulting in an average hourly rate of $25 to $75 depending on their specialty. Having flexible schedules, millions of mobilancers could work and make more than $5000 using only their smartphones.

The future of mobilanced work

Today, current apps certainly indicate that mobilancing is fully at hand and forecasts reveal that it will soon become the most prevalent form of work within the next decade.

The more smartphones get smarter, the more 5G spreads globally and fintech apps gain ground into the area; as a result, the on-demand workforce will keep rising in volume. Mobilancers will be in direct competition with conventional service firms in various areas like marketing, tech, design, human resources and many others.

Upcoming legislation safeguard gig workers and mobilancers’ job classifications for the work arrangement to firm up. Getting into this area will get harder and only the real experts will succeed by doing great profiles, niche skills and client satisfaction.

The mobilancing revolution has indisputably changed the way we work. Although still at the beginning, the service offers great potential for the future, as workers can switch jobs, improve their financial situation, and have more control over their careers. In next few years, mobile will become the principle office for employees of world.

The main advantages and drawbacks of Mobilancing

The main advantages and drawbacks of Mobilancing

Similar to its pro, the mobilancing also took and lost everything.

Upsides to Mobilancing

  • Totally Flexible Work – Self-employed can assume full responsibility for how tough the workload is, clients to pick, and time to work.
  • Career Experimentation – Get a better understanding of your skills by working on different projects in different industries
  • Global Access – Flip to clients virtually and collaborate anytime from any part of the world.
  • Cost efficiency – Online business requires low overheads and expenses unlike a brick-and-mortar business.
  • Rewards for Earnings – The performance and the effort are exactly the ones that determine the mobilancer’s compensations.

Downsides to Address

  • Constantly changing work schedules – Unexpectedly rapid changing in the workload for receiving continuously stable income
  • Coming back to the main point of the sentence, it’s important to mention that workers will not be able to avail benefits like insurance, paid leaves, social security, etc.
  • Distractions – Have to be disciplined and time management skills. to prevent overworking/ burnout
  • Channel problems – Clients having bad experiences which can later lead to delayed or defaulted payments.
  • Rating pressure – Ratings are of highest importance; even minor issue can lead to your loss of job.

Nevertheless, the advantages are the reasons for the growing number of people who are opting for mobilancing as the workflows are being handled in a way that is beneficial for the mobile workforce.

People management is an essential aspect of ensuring that the mobilization plan functions effectively and consistently in the long range.

To maximize the advantages of the mobilancer model, one must develop the below habits:

Build Specialized Expertise

  • Quality work and expertise should be at the core of your business, not the number of services.
  • Be a niche expert and you will be different from the rest and charge premium rates.

Maintain Ratings

  • Finish work by deadline and be based on the client’s specifications.
  • Invite client feedback and deal with the issues in a timely way.
  • Make 5-star ratings to ensure that your profile remains visible.
  • Processing clients and accounting publicly according to professional standards.
  • Sign contracts which will contain the terms, timeline and payment schedule.
  • Put some earning aside for a rainy day to address income uncertainties which are a part and parcel of this profession.

Adopt Productivity Practices

  • Design the daily routine and restrict the working time every day.
  • Decrease distractions by managing notifications.
  • Leverage free apps and software that help in the completion of routine admin duties automatically

Instead of making mobilancing a random occurrence that people pick up here and there, making it a comprehensive revenue stream is a much better idea. It offers career possibilities that are truly rewarding and flexible.

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