10 Website Design Tips to Boost Sales and Conversions

10 Website Design Tips to Boost Sales and Conversions

Your Website is your customer’s first point of contact. Since the majority of customers do internet research before interacting with any business, it is given that your website must provide an immersive user experience. The reason for this shift is because of evolving consumer behaviour.

Today consumers have all the power of decision making, they are the ones who decide how they wish to buy a product, the mode of transaction and also how they consume any information about a product or a service.

A website is an organization’s virtual office. It can and it should provide all the necessary information about your business and its services.      

It is a great place to create a first impression and nurture your prospective clients. You may be getting tons of traffic, but if your website lacks the design optimizations, you may lose your customers forever.

When Customer first interacts with your website they’re thinking:

  • Is this website Credible?
  • Is this information trustworthy?
  • Am I interacting with a professional company?
  • Does this site provide me all the necessary information?
  • Am I in the right place?

All these thoughts pass through their mind subconsciously and you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

Here I have listed 10 web design tips to incorporate in your website design & development plan. These tips will surely help you to boost your conversions and drive sales.

  • Creating an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is that page of the website on which a user lands after clicking on the off-site link. These pages are designed to convert a highly specific audience into customers.   

Whether your website goal is to generate more leads, receive phone calls or drive sales, using an effective landing page carves the path for lead generation. A headline, an effective call-to-action and few lines explaining the benefits are some of the important elements of a landing page. 

Make sure that your landing page is attractive, clean and more importantly relevant to your company and business offer.

  • Design Consistent Navigation and Layout

The biggest factor to keep your visitor on the website is to provide them with easy to navigate layout. If people can’t find what they are looking for, they will surely abandon your website. Try to keep the elements consistent on all the web pages. The elements include colour, fonts, navigation bar etc.   

Keep the structure of your primary navigation simple, add bread crumbs to all your web pages (excluding Home page) and definitely add a search bar at the top side so visitors can search by keywords.

The rule of navigation is simple: Don’t make your audience think too much.

Make your website design follow the basic principle of UI and UX.

  • Your Website’s Typography

Majority of website content are words. Although video marketing is getting an extra push, the importance of words cannot be ignored.

Typography is not only about words, but it’s also about how your words look. A balance must be struck when choosing a font and font size for your website. Your web designer should never ignore this aspect of design.

Use fonts that are easy to read. Make your web page scannable by using bold headlines, clear bullet points and keeping paragraphs short and simple.      

Your typography should make your website user feel comfortable from the first glance.  

  • Understanding Colour Psychology to Stir Emotions

It is no doubt that colour is used in all the major aspects of the web design process. Each colour can evoke a particular emotion and thus can change the way people perceive your business. 

The colour you choose must reflect your brand identity and add meaning to the overall story you are trying to tell. Choosing a colour can be a difficult job. Individual experiences may change the way you perceive colours and thus decision must be taken after a thorough discussion.

  • Use Compelling Images and Videos  

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is true even in the web design process. Using compelling images and videos is an effective way of conveying your message.  

Incorporating a video explaining your product or business makes your content easy to digest and increases the chances of converting a lead. Although images and videos provide a more immersive experience, the type of media you use should be appropriate for your main target audience and should be chosen according to their needs, expectations and technical limitations.

  • Use Short Lead Forms  

If your website goal is to achieve new customers through website forms, it is advisable to keep the contact form short and crisp. People get bored filling out lengthy lead forms. The ideal contact form asks only name, email address or phone number. Especially if your brand isn’t well known, asking too much information can make your audience feel that you are being too intrusive.  

  • A Clear & Distinct Call-to-Action Buttons

Have a strategy placed to effectively use Call-to-Action buttons. The buttons used must effectively display the action that needs to be taken by the user. Also, it must be placed at a prominent place on the web page and should create a sense of urgency in the user. These buttons must ask your user to take immediate action to enjoy the benefits associated with the business. CTA’s must be designed to make your customer move forward in the conversion funnel.

  • Accessible & Responsive Website

As the buyer’s journey is evolving, a customer is accessing a website through multiple channels. It is your responsibility to make your website compatible with multiple devices. Since the majority of internet traffic is driven by mobile users, a mobile-friendly website is a must for surviving competition in the digital era.   

  • Adding Testimonials to Build Trust

Adding credible testimonials is a great way to build trust among your audience. Customers are always resistant to try new things, especially in the business arena it’s hard for customers to trust a new business.

You can advertise your services all day long, but the customers know that you are doing it as a part of sales strategy. Making your customer see how your previous customers benefitted from your service is a great start to build your trust.

Make sure that the testimonials are credible and describe exactly how you helped them to solve a particular problem.   

  • Reducing Page Loading Speed

According to Google, page loading speed is one of the top ranking factors for Google rankings. Users are accustomed to fast browsing speeds, so making them wait to access content can irritate them resulting in dropping your website.

Make sure that your website follows all the guidelines such as optimizing your image size, using AMP versions for mobile websites, using web cache to enhance your page loading speed. 

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is a result oriented field, and converting website traffic to sales is one of the top responsibility of online marketing company. Since consumers are in the driving seat of decision making, creating a human-friendly user experience is the only way to boost your sales and conversions.