5-Minute Team Building Activities: 20 Engaging Ideas To Collaborate


The best approach to enhancing the relationships of an assembled team and make them more effective especially in the communication process is through the use of team building activities. It’s no secret that the stronger the people in your team are, the better your business will be – and these 20 fast 5-Minute team building activities are perfect for when you want to strengthen your team.

These short activities do not involve any items and can be conducted while at work, during working sessions, lunch break or even when the whole team is out for a meal.

Here Are The Top 20 5-Minute Team Building Activities

Icebreaker Activities

Brief icebreaker exercises used at the beginning of the team’s work to introduce the people to each other. Can be employed at the beginning of team sessions to help the participants to understand all the other members of the team. Assists in the process to neutralize the perceived threats and make people at ease to engage in group interaction.

1. Two Almost-True Stories

  • A person should make three statements about himself/herself, out of which, two are true statements while the third is a lie.
  • The rest of the group then takes a vote as to which of them the subject of the joke believes to be true and which is false.
  • This makes the team discover other facets of themselves that are of interest while encouraging the crew to talk.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Entertaining method of conveying a fact.
  • This is a simple test that will determine how well the members of the tests team know each other.
  • A creative approach to beginning meetings or events

2. Deserted Island

  • Tell each of them to give a name and specify one thing they would want to have with them if they were stranded on a deserted island.
  • Move around the class and have each person briefly explain why they choose that particular object.
  • Indicate what people consider relevant and is worthy of their attention

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Provides information regarding individual preferences and priorities
  • Explains what people consider as necessary.
  • Great idea to look at peers in an entertaining manner

3. Two Truths, One Wish

  • Lessons in community: Each individual tells two facts about oneself and one desire.
  • The rest attempt at the guess which is the wish
  • Enables meeting new team members and getting to know their hopes and dreams.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Displays the weak areas of the coworkers
  • Discloses what that person wants and would like to achieve
  • Can build sympathetic and rapport.

Communication Building Activities

The interventions involved in the improvement of communication and teamwork within a work team. May require listening, offering suggestions, mediating, and considering courtesy and other communication protocols.

4. One Word Activity

  • We sit in a circular table and take turns naming one word at a time until a sentence is formed
  • It is structured in a way that it does not connect with any other idea, concept, or thought in a coherent manner.
  • The activities in the learning area relate to the development of oral fluency, receptive and productive skills, and interpersonal skills.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Closely related to the previous type, it is a task that checks how well a person is equipped to construct something in cooperation with others.
  • Sets attention and being present on the activity
  • Lighthearted and fun

5. Mystery Animal

  • Ask all the participants to choose an animal in a covert manner, and every animal has particular gestures and voices.
  • Execute motions and animal sounds and the group has to guess which animal you are emulating
  • Projects on communication without words and being keen on aspects such as gestures.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • They have enjoyable and laughing-releasing activity.
  • Illuminates various ways of Perceiving and Interacting
  • Breaks rapport barriers

6. Tell Me About Yourself

  • Beneficial for rotating shift teams, those working in different departments and those who are new to each other.
  • Make them sit across each other, then set the timer to 2 minutes and have them interview one another.
  • At turnaround, each individual is required to introduce their partner to the rest of the team
  • Enhances self and others awareness and in so doing the ability to share stories within team.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Assists the learning of other members in the team.
  • Instructs, models, and encourages appropriate listening and communication.
  • Builds interpersonal associations of team members

Problem Solving Activities

Collaborative efforts where groups cooperate to solve problems which could be ‘given’ problems of hypothetical or real life situations. Promotes development of critical thinking skills, creativity and social skills of working in groups.

7. Traffic Jam

  • Divide the group in two lines, parallel to each other and close as possible, with the extremities of the two lines touching.
  • Each line works one step at a time, the missing links
  • The objective here is for one line to reach the other side in a single move.
  • Intends planning, no leadership, and coming up with solutions.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Promotes originality when it comes to addressing an issue
  • Researches involving non-urgent teaming
  • I will present difficult tasks and alter people’s views

8. Impromptu Speech

  • Make each individual pick an item out of a hat or a bag (a set of keys, a coffee mug, scissors, etc. )
  • Let them have half a minute to think of one minute speech about the object
  • Employs creative thinking and public speaking with regard to the matter at hand

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Test Thinking on your Feet skills
  • Brings out the innovative aspect of some members of a specific team
  • Lighthearted and humorous

9. Lost At Sea

  • Suggest a situation when the team is marooned on the ship that is sinking and has a list of 15 items.
  • The items are as follows: Each team member is to rate the importance of each item as low, medium, high, or not applicable.
  • Products that involve developing ability to take other people’s point of view, negotiation, and finding the middle ground and new ideas.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Denotes priority and value of the individual and the team
  • Encourages people to talk and allow for some degree of accommodation.
  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking

Trust Building Activities

Interpersonal activities which involve risk, trust, and compromise between individuals to build trust in a team. Frequently use motion or personal presentations in couples or groups of three to four students.

10. Trust Fall

  • Team splits into couples and stand with one partner facing the other
  • Partner 1 stands with their feet planted and then lowers them to the ground so that they are lying flat on the back, knowing they will be caught by partner 2.
  • Switch roles so that each participant takes their turn to be the one who falls.
  • Teamwork enhances the flow of communication in the team as well as fosters mutual understanding between the team members.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Calls for openness which enables development of trust.
  • Awesome fun time and quality time.
  • Swap partners in every round

11. Personal Trivia Game

  • Before the meeting, have each member of the team secretly write down five fun facts that are unknown by other people.
  • Pull together factoids into a trivia game format without revealing who wrote it
  • The fact that one person selects the name and the other person selects the fact can be changed so that they take turns doing so.
  • Enhances the extent of each other’s awareness of their past lives

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Statistics and unknown stories are presented that can show the not very bright aspects of human personality
  • Helps in making the society a more empathetic, tolerant and inclusive place.
  • Sharing a laugh strips all the barriers that are often produced by status differences.

12. Blind Drawing

  • Two people sit facing each other with one person’s back to a picture and the description of the picture is given to the partner.
  • The partner is not allowed to look at the picture and the partner draws only what has been described.
  • Explains how people manage their interactions and helps in establishing trust.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Web based ones often poses difficulty in providing clear explanations
  • Amusing activity enhances teamwork by focusing on the laughter aspect.
  • Surprising outcomes

Energizing Activities

Brief movement activities that are employed during the course of group training or team building to ensure that the participants are more focused, eager and enthusiastic concerning the process or activity at hand. Often used as breaks

13. One Common Goal

  • Both partners are first encouraged to come up with a goal that is of mutual benefit for the both of them for example arranging home closets.
  • they should set the timer of 60 seconds and they should rapid ideate them.
  • When times up, each read their partner’s favorite idea aloud
  • Encourages independence and acknowledges that everyone has similar objectives Promotes idea sharing

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Aligns team perspectives
  • Sparks creativity
  • High energy

14. Yes Lets!

  • Everyone forms a circle and takes turns as fast as they can saying something positive about another team member
  • And every suggestion has to begin with the words “Yes let’s”.
  • Group answers: “Yes let’s!” each time after one
  • Quirky and lighthearted way to encourage the generation of energy and positive vibes.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Boosts morale
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Gets everyone laughing

15. Chicken/Eagle

  • The teams then draw a line at the opposite end of the room as to that of the other team
  • If the leader shouts chicken or eagle, the two teams have to rush to different poles.
  • Last one who climbs the wall is with other team
  • AWESOME strategy game that energizes

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Fosters friendly competition
  • Fast paced fun
  • Silly and energizing

Reflection Activities

Specific activities that can be used when addressing team dynamics, skills, assets, and liabilities, as well as achievements and losses. Support the team in summarizing as well as evaluating the accomplishments and goal setting of the work shop.

16. Rose and Thorn

  • Form a circle, where everyone will say one ‘rose’ (success) and one ‘thorn’ (difficulty encountered) of a completed project
  • Offers both constructive criticism and praise from a bystander’s point of view.
  • Encourages understanding of the overall effective strategies

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • It enables all the people to contribute their ideas.
  • Celebrates wins
  • Discusses opportunities

17. Team Mission Statements

  • It is common to hear team members say, ‘I think we should write this as our mission statement’.
  • Share mission statements and align them to common themes.
  • Coarse as a large group on a brief yet comprehensive mission statement
  • Add meaning and support unity

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Presents the team’s defining characteristic and what the team stands for
  • Aligns perspectives
  • Creates shared vision

18. Circle of Appreciation

  • Team has to form a circle and then pass an item such as ball to different members in a haphazard fashion.
  • If you catch a ball, there must be a word of appreciation in regard to the person that threw it.
  • Positive reinforcement leads to confidence of the employees as well as the group.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Highlights accomplishments
  • Acknowledges achievements – Blows one’s eyes open support

Closing Activities

Climaxing activities at the end of a session to help the team identify the main points of discussion and contributions of members and to set goals for the future. Creates closure.

19. One Word Reflection

  • Gather participants in a circle and start moving around the circle, where the aim of each participant is to define the session in one word.
  • It is good that everyone has their say
  • Offer picture of experience

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Quick and efficient
  • Compares mindsets
  • Captures tone

20. Highs and Lows

  • Move around the circle to each person saying hi, what was your standout moment today and a session challenge you faced.
  • This is based on grounds experiences where what had gone well is identified from what needs improvement
  • Bonds events as one happening or process.

Some of the interesting points of this activity:

  • Literature & folklore on shared fears
  • Foster empathy
  • Find commonalities


Applying any of above 5 minute team building activities is a good approach towards the development and improvement of relationships, communication, trust and problem solving in a team. Organize form activities so one can be used to address a certain need of the team later on or combine several into an entertaining team building workshop. Be also creative about including some activities into group virtual meetings as well.

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