11 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies In 2024

Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

What is Technical Support Outsourcing?

The technical support outsourcing means business companies teaming up with third party specialized service providers to help take care of their technical support and customer service by themselves. The outsourcing vendor operates customer service using their own people, Information technology (IT), and facilities.

For instance, technical experts would help your customers with their purchase without an organization going to an extent of building and managing technical support in-house.

There are a few key reasons why companies choose to outsource parts of their technical support:-

Cost Savings

  • The most important approach for companies is now to outsource technical support to providers that are abroad and have low labor costs to greatly cut their operating costs. Technical expert working outside office can provide required help at a very low cost which is much lower than having full-time staff.

Focus on Core Functions

  • A typical deal with the technical support queries which is answering them may consume the resources with internal personnel. The purpose of work outsourcing Tier 1 and 2 support is to build a basis for the in-house tech teams that will then be able to work on the projects that are both relevant to the company’s core operations and to its most important activities and specialties.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Vendor Outsourcing is the one that has the scale upon which an interaction can be allowed being dynamic. The support scaling up and down as business needs dictate should remain rather than have static teams maintained in the house. This high-level responsiveness is hard to be compete with when internal resources are used.

Around-the-Clock Coverage

  • Vendors with the option to recruit worldwide teams at the same time, therefore, will be able to operate smoothly and even for firms that do not aim to have a global presence, technical support can become a 24/7 procedure. Consumers will never encounter a problem when seeking help.

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11 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies In 2024

Here is list of best technical support outsourcing companies:-

  • Helpware
  • Supportninja
  • Scnsoft
  • Glowtouch
  • Maxicus
  • 31west
  • Cgsinc
  • Theoctopustech
  • Intelligentbee
  • Partnerhero
  • Pronixinc

Nowadays, technology has become the main element of most companies, both big, and small. Therefore, to drive efficiencies and allocate their resources effectively, the business organization turn to outsourcing technical support. The right outsourcing can bring down cost, setting right the service quality and on top of it, gaining competitive edge.

Helpware – Technical Support Outsourcing Company

Helpware is the best company in the market specialized in providing outsourcing of technical support services which was introduced in 2015. Dedicated to serve the clients since 2015 and headquartered at United States, Helpware, provide end-to-end support solutions to clients across various industries such as technology, telecom, banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare and e-commerce.

Compared to a minimal ownership of the latest infrastructure and just 500 workforce, Helpware provides paramount technical support on various communication channels, which include phone, emails, chat, and social media. They offer a whole range of services, including troubleshooting technical problems, remote IT support, customer enrolment, product setup assistance, how-to manuals and much more.

The essential thing that distinguishes Helpware from its rivals is its client-centered strategy paying primary attention to the first-call resolution. They offer tech support engineers who are routinely trained and certified by partners and clients, which enables them to timely diagnose problems and provide a solution that will meet each individual client’s particular need.

Their disruptive innovative high-tech approach coupled with reliable support technologies, robust quality frameworks, and optimized processes assisted in helping us maintain consistent on-going high customer satisfaction. In the past 9 years: they have taken care of the technical assist support for a bunch of known brands in North America, Mexico, Philippines and some parts of Africa.

Helpware mission is to get to the pinnacle of technical support outsourcing globally. By that time it could be said that Helpware had adjusted its slogan – “Support is what we breathe!”

Helpware provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Back-Office Support
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Content Control & Verification
  • Data Labeling
  • AI Customer Service
  • Human In The Loop (HITL)
  • Software Development


SupportNinja is among the top technical support and customer service offshore companies located in Austin, Texas, USA. Support Ninja is an established provision company founded in 2015 that transcends in outsourcing support and services to clients in several industries including technology, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services and many others.

Boasting over 10 years in the business and being the partner of choice for many companies that are seeking ways to keep costs down without sacrificing excellent service, SupportNinja has become a tried and tested company in this area.

The Company utilizes its knowledge in areas like IT help desk support, customer service, back office services, chat support and so forth to provide customized solutions that are in line with every client’s exceptional requirements. Being a witness to the capabilities of SupportNinja, 300 named brands of 15 countries are among the happy clients of our company.

Over the last few years, SupportNinja has established 24/7 working in several international offices and become one of the most trustworthy and effective outsourcing firms in the customer engagement field. Its solutions are equitable, largely resource-efficient, and are low in cost and supported by deep industry knowledge.

SupportNinja provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Customer Success
  • Technical Support
  • Content Moderation
  • Data Processing
  • Professional Services


scnsoft is a prominent technical support outsourcing company dating back to 1989 and situated in the McKinney, Dallas area, TX. With more than 30 years of expertise, scnsoft is an exquisite provider of exceptional technical support and CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security.

Humanize the given sentence. scnsoft has more than a thousand tech support and customer service engineers who are skilled at their jobs and are our biggest asset. These professionals are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, and Mexico. This worldwide coverage enables scnsoft to provide follow-the-sun support and be proficient in more than 3 languages such as English, Spanish, French, German as well as many others.

Some of the scnsoft services main are technical helpdesk support, customer service, IT infrastructure management, software testing and quality assurance, as well as consulting and workforce augmentation. scnsoft employs the latest innovations, such as data intelligence, machine learning, and automation to make its performance more focused on client satisfaction.

The company aims to bring in products and services that boast of quality. By way of implementing best methodologies and frameworks, scnsoft strives to deliver services with exceptional quality. The company is ISO certified and its processes adhere to the HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR rules and regulations. scnsoft has comprehensive knowledge and experienced in the tech industry, telecom, media, retail, healthcare, and financial services, and even more. The client retention rate of the company being 98% scnsoft strives to accompany innovation and revolutionize technical assistance using productive and strategic partnerships.

Scnsoft provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Application Services
  • UI/UX Design
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Outsourcing
  • IT Support
  • Help Desk
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity


GlowTouch is the premier US-based one-stop-shop for tech support, being a global leader in outsourced technical support solutions and CX services. Established in 2002, GlowTouch, located in Pune, India, is a part of a technology ecosystem and therefore has the capability to use its technology support competencies to deliver outstanding customer service experiences to clients from all different types of industries.

With presence in around 1000-5000 employees in delivery centers across India, the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines, GlowTouch has become the faith angel for technical support as well as CX outsourcing.

Through an omnichannel support providing phone, email, chat, social media as well self service options the company enables consistent user experience throughout various communication channels.

GlowTouch has gained its odor in the outsourcing field through its effort on analytics and business intelligence aka (BI) that lead to the further improvement of the business. The company spends a great deal on the latest technology for automation of ticketing, analytics, self-help portals in addition to chatbots and so on to accomplish the best use of effort and resources.

The fact that GlowTouch possesses a 99% customer retention rate is the proof of its ability of delivering the highest quality and reliably outsourced client(s) support services which are customized to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Its services cover various matters including Help Desk/Tier 1 support, hardware, software, mobility, networking, cloud, and so forth.

GlowTouch provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Content Moderation
  • Revenue Generation & Sales
  • Fraud & Security
  • Order Fulfillments & Logistics
  • Document Imaging
  • Document Indexing & Filing
  • Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Cloud Integration & Migration
  • Infrastructure & NOC
  • Data Mining & Analysis


Maxicus is now a large provider of BPM technical support and CX services (Customer Experience) that are all outsourced. The Maxicus Company which was founded in the year 2003 and headquarter in Gurgaon, Haryana, now is in the lead for brand preference for many multinational companies worldwide.

Already with over a decade of operation behind us, the service team of Maxicus has developed high-level of mastery in providing you with the best technical support, customer service, and back office operations complementing many different industries. It has a worldwide delivery model that relies on a delivery centre network located in Asia, Europe and America to serve 24/7 support for follow-the-sun.

Maxicus serves as a platform through which clients communicate with their clients’ as well. This helps them to ensure that delivery of the best-ever experiences are made. Its remedies basket is widely used for customer support, technical support, IT help desk services, CX operations, back-office services, content moderation and so on. With all these technologies, analytics, and processes fully endorsed, Maxicus becomes the top choice of customers while keeping down their costs.

Maxicus provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Revenue Growth
  • Phygital
  • AI Ops
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Tech Support
  • Next-Gen Back Office Support
  • Image Annotation
  • E-Surveillance Monitoring


31west, a top tier Westminster-based technical support and IT services company, headquartered in New York, NY. Conceived in 2002, 31wests primary focus has been on returning cutting edge technical support, IT managed services, and customer experience solutions to our diverse clients.

This team of qualified and certified experts from the 31west handles the tier 1 and tier 2 technical support to provide solutions to general IT issues such as computer problems, internet connectivity, software installation or removal, or any other IT challenge. The company uses such tools as remote monitoring, management, and technical support to this end to work on client IT infrastructure systems and applications from afar by using advanced technologies.

The firm has developed an image of being the leader in proactive, kind-hearted and well-organized technical support due to its near shore support centers. 31west staff members get their skills updated to keep the pace with latest trends. Moreover, they have gained the ability to respond to the queries within the shortest time frame while also building rapport and confidence with end-users.

Also, in 31west portfolio are professional services including technology assessments, project management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, etc. The company has formed associations with notable vendors for the areas of technology: Microsoft, AWS, Cisco and Dell, respectively.

31west provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • IT Help Desk
  • IT Service Desk
  • MSP Service Desk
  • Technical support
  • Windows & Linux support
  • Application support
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Mobile App support
  • Customer service


cgsinc.com Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

CgsInc is an international organization that regards itself as an industry giant in the outsourcing of business processes as well as the provision of application, IT infrastructure and business consulting services.

CGS opened its doors in the year 1981 in NYC and since then have served over 35 years of a particular niche in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and retail with the main purpose of making business processes more effective and creating innovation.

At the present, the number of the company’s employees all over the world exceeds 8500. Additionally, the company has delivery centers in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America and therefore the solutions that the company provides can be quickly scaled, are flexible and cost-effective and are designed to fit well the specific requirements of any particular client.

The organization gives the last word in the area of services like customer support, government health, payments, finance and accounting, technology and digital inclusion. The key distinguishing factor between CGS and others is its infrastructure that is based on the cultural aspect of building a trust-worthy environment.

The business has won record success by applying newest technologies like automation, analytics, omnichannel platforms and RPA to its services, and thus continuously improve its value offering. Though sustainability and social responsibility are equally significant aspects of CGS’s (CGS) business principles, CGS is also committed to value-creation in the long-term for clients, employees, and communities

Cgsinc provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Learning
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT Managed Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly AX)
  • Augmented Reality (NEW!)
  • Channel Partner Enablement


Theoctopustech.com is one of the known contributor of technical support and IT services outsourcing company positioned in Chandigarh, India and established in 2011. Theoctopustech has positioned itself as a safe house for multinationals across the world that want to outsource their technical support and IT services with 10 years of reliable experience.

Theoctopustech has personnel base of more than 1500 educated professionals with 24/7 multi-channel support offered throughout various sectors of economy. There service capability reaches from technical helpdesk support , IT infrastructure management, cybersecurity solutions, cloud migrations, software testing and QA, as well as others areas.

Leveraging on sophisticated processes, advanced technology and a global delivery philosophy will be the pillars of our company to provide the customer with an excellent experience and ensure operational excellence.

Leaving no stone unturned, theoctopustech offers a diverse set of services enabling the companies to implement computing technologies and address complex data processing issues in an effective manner that allow them to transform their business digitally and seamlessly. Their broad spectrum of operations is what makes them a trusted and reliable business outsourcing partner.

Theoctopustech provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Interactive Designs
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce Development
  • BigCommerce Development
  • Shopify Development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Telecom Sector
  • Shipping Sector
  • Fintech Sector
  • Voice Support
  • BPO Services
  • Call Center Services
  • Healthcare BPO Services
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Customer Support Services for NBFC
  • Chat Support Services
  • Email Support Service
  • Data Entry Services


IntelligentBee is known as the front runner in basic support and IT outsourcing that is located at Lasi, Romania. Which was jolted into life by Intelligent BEE, in 2011. IntelligentBee a company that outsources work and does offshore customers support for many of their clients across the world.

By developing this reputation over the last decade, IntelligentBee has become a trusted partner to companies that look to reduce costs while maintaining the level of the quality needed. The organization has demonstrated its competence across telecom, fintech, educational technology, healthcare technology, and online commerce.

The company I am writing about is called IntelligentBee and boasts over 50-200 employees and has capability to provide 24/7 technical support in various languages in multi-language countries. The company strives to integrate the latest technologies such as AI and automation into the system in order to boost production and offer better clients’ experience.

IntelligentBee is the best bet which is already equipped by the best in class data systems and the information security systems that aims to digitize their clients business offices. Its scope of work also covers the chat process automation, AI solutions, and omnichannel support. By using customer-focused approach, the company aims to achieve generable business success on the global leading brands.

IntelligentBee provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Outsourced Customer Support Services
  • E-commerce Customer Support Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Customer Support for Healthcare
  • Customer Support for Fintech
  • BPO Services
  • Back Office Outsourcing Services
  • Data Entry Outsourcing Services
  • IT Support Outsourcing
  • Omnichannel
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Messenger / Intercomm
  • Social Media


PartnerHero serves as a prime technical support and customer service outsourcing firm in Boise, Idaho. To assist businesses in supporting their customers efficiently without incurring the usual high costs of establishing and managing an in-house team PartnerHero has come to be.

PartnerHero has established the resource of skilled technical support and customer care agents that can act in a global arena. They painstakingly choose each agent to check for tech skills, communications capabilities and service attitude before they hire them. The agents, on a continuous basis, are trained on the cutting-edge product and services knowledge, as well as the service support practices development. It assists them to present accurate and solution-oriented care constantly adapted for each client’s personal requirements.

The vendor employs cutting-edge technologies like IT and network solutions that connect its offshore workers seamlessly to a client’s legacy ticketing system or an existing knowledge management and phone system. Unlike other companies that provide only the basic things that support representatives do, this makes PartnerHero’s team provide support as an integrated virtual extension of client’s own staff. Consumers yet to interface with the support staff, do not know that sometimes, agents work somewhere else.

PartnerHero provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Managed Services
  • Help Desk
  • Content Moderation
  • Strategy
  • AI + Automation
  • Fractional CXO
  • Technology
  • AI Bots
  • Operator
  • Adaptive Solutions
  • Flex Support
  • Dedicated Teams


Pronix Inc. is an IT support and outsourcing company within the technical segment that is based in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Launched in 2010, Pronix specializes in technical support outsourcing, IT Help Desk, customer support, and other business process outsourcing (BPO) services to clients from different sectors.

The team of experienced technical professionals along with the high quality approach to delivery of the services are the strategic areas for Pronix’s business. Through these services Pronix tried to extend the customer teams to meet the deliverance of their projects on time. The company deploys high tech with sense purpose useful processes designed individually for each customer. This, among other things enable pronix to deliver high level tech support, unmatched customer service and value for money to each and every client.

These could be technical challenges with troubleshooting, customer service as well as lead generation, which are most critical process to the businesses. But Pronix has the skills to handle all of these works effectively. The agile engagement approaches, like providing dedicated full-time third-party teams or using a hybrid onshore/offshore model, allow clients to connect with the preferred talent they require to cover their business goals. During the last ten years,

Pronix has become a reputable outside contractor for companies that use a healthcare, finance, retail, technology, and others types of verticals. The company engages sets itself apart by offering clients an opportunity to make improvements in their operations through its reliable outsourcing service delivery.

Pronix provides following technical support outsourcing services:-

  • Digital Solutions Consulting
  • Application Modernization, Full Stack Product Development
  • Quality Assurance, DevOps & Cloud Automation
  • Data Engineering and Analytics
  • RPA, Business Process Automation
  • IT Talent Solutions(Contract, Contract to Hire, Offshore, FTE/Direct Hire)


The major advantages of technical support outsourcing are a professional expertise access, financially efficiency, the freedom to concentrate on core competencies, and flexibility. Companies can nourish technical skills as well as provide them with infrastructure and experience of a subcontractor firm. This is a huge plus making them give excellent service to their customers just as in the case in the establishment of an in-house support at a very high cost.

Outsourcing technical support can be a shrewd tactic of the business both if you use the provider that is up to the task and lowers expenses in the same time. Yet assessing the risks and how adequately to manage them is the key to its effectiveness. The decision whether to outsource or not it’s better to be acquainted with business needs, costs, and possible partners.

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