Vidyo Ai: A Deep Dive into the Innovative Technology [2024] A Deep Dive into the Innovative Technology is a startup full of tech innovators that are trying to drastically reimagine the way video and audio technologies work with the help of cutting edge deep learning techniques. Established in 2020, has already become a venture that is advancing the state of the art in multimedia technologies.

Overview and the Founding Story was co-founded by a team of engineers and researchers who previously worked at prominent tech companies which developed video compression, streaming, and calling solutions thereby. They were with them dreaming of escaping the limitations of live TV and coming up with creative video and audio solutions in real time.

Key Offerings

Vidyo currently offers three main SaaS products:

  • Vidyo Create – AI-driven video editing tool that allows you to seamlessly modify your clips, images, video, audio, and other visual media into engaging social media videos.
  • Vidyo Analyze – Program which provides real time and historical insights through video analytics and intelligence capabilities.
  • Vidyo Monetize – Complete Solution for view, visitor increase revenue.

The startup aims at being a multidevice video platform which will demonstrate technological advancements in AI and ML.

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The start-up team realized that although video calling and online conferencing solutions were trending in the market, the technology base had not changed much since past a decade. They seized an opening to invent a brand-new algorithm that could accelerate revolution of the quality, effectiveness and functions in a great extent.

Being in stealth mode for two years, in 2022 has announced its product. Let’s examine the distinctive characteristics of this type of cuisine a bit more in depth.

Some key areas focus on includes

Some key areas focus on includes

The video and audio algorithms which allow a user to customize the settings to create the as realistic as possible image and the voice that echoes the chosen actor’s voice.

  • Video Compression
  • Noise Suppression
  • Super-Resolution
  • Personalization

At the center of the platform is their intellectual property – sophisticated deep learning algorithms that process video and audio.

Video Compression

  • AI is competent at streamlining video quality decrease at lower bit rates.
  • Video calls can be done informally and at low bandwidth.
    Compression efficacy improved by ~40% in comparison to the typical codecs.

Noise Suppression

Other than that, systems that use deep neural networks can clean up background noise in real-time.

  • They purposefully block off the sounds of non needed calls without effecting the speech.
  • Regards it as a result of outperforming traditional noise suppression in over 15 dB.


  • AI’s technology has been put to exclusively service of sharpening and enhancing video resolution.
  • HDRE (High-Definition Recording Engine) is a kind of technology that makes not high-resolution video look sharp, clear and high-definition.
    1) Traditional interpolation methods are not detailed enough 2) *Pointers at traditional interpolation techniques unable capture the details


  • Users get more relevant ads features to suit them on the basis of algorithms.
  • Enhances scintillation (robustness under the relative low lighting), color, and strength through consideration of the user’s device and viewing environment in particular.
  • Usually gets better with the info extracted from usage data patterns.

The ability to integrate all these technologies leads to’s provision of video calls, conferencing and live streams that appear better, sound clearer, and use less bandwidth.

Cloud-based SaaS Platform

All Vidyo products are on its cloud platform functioning as a cloud-oriented service which makes it produce fast video data processing.

Key tech stack elements include:

  • Kubernetes as a tool of service-oriented scaling with containers.
  • CUDA GPU nodes intended for executing deep learning models.
  • Petabyte-scale media storage
  • Managed big data pipeline for ML training, feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, and model deployment.

This in turn reduces the current market such as low prices of the leading firms.

Rapid Innovation Cycles

Vidyo’s cloud-based system and ML auto-scale mechanism, not only serves to speed up the development, test and release of new video AI features but also provides automation for these tasks. It, thereby helps it to overcome other companies in their field.

Firms can start with significantly fewer variables, as they steadily add new areas of production, such as software development or manufacturing.

Vidyo is one of the first to introduce some flowing features such as the video editor assistant Freddy and hyper – personalized video feeds. It will be a first mover in this because of that, which gives it an advantage of quickly doing so.

Cutting-Edge Real-Time Processing

Cutting-Edge Real-Time Processing’s key capability is that it can extract video and audio streams instantly through live AI algorithms processing.

This includes:

  • Ultra-low latency – it is lag and delay which are reduced to fractions of a second.
    Higher frame rate – means the processing of up to 60 FPS vidstreams.
  • Multi-user support – optimalize output for 25 participants
  • Cross-platform – the last one is at the same time mobile, desktop and browser.
  • Scalability – implementations hosted in the cloud can handle up to 100,000 concurrent users of the application.

In order to attain the proper real-time pace, the model of AI architecture, which is custom built for streaming applications, needs to be used. It also tasks these developments in topics like specialized learning where a few seconds of unobtrusive data they obtain from new users or from new environments giving an ability to customize experience.

Partnerships and Integrations

While continuously productizes its video conferencing technology into enterprise solutions, the company keeps in mind a smart integration into the existing popular platforms.

Some of its key partnerships include:

  • V2RL – AI-enabled Zoom.
  • – Assimilation into Microsoft Teams apps and services- develop software that takes advantage of’s algorithms.
  • Spark AR – power to stimulate AR effects is now at the hands of the creators. They can choose to use’s image quality models which can be integrated into Instagram and Facebook. more avoids this and has a SDK that allows programmers to utilize it. Such examples would be the collaboration with the companies producing communication devices for the integration of the noise suppression software, creating super resolution for surveillance camera feeds, or improving the quality of mobile streaming.

Tackling the startup funding gap and discovering the underlying market opportunities

Tackling the startup funding gap and discovering the underlying market opportunities has got 20 million dollars of fund already from well wishers like a16Z, Sequoia s and Khosla Ventures. The big, expanding market size for video-based applications, as well as patented, highly advanced technology that applies, make it a tempting investment.

Some major growth drivers for the company include:

  • 3D and video reality apps With Live streaming broadens the scope for entertainment industry
  • 5G networks that are capable of delivering high quality of mobile video
  • A call for developing services that can improve video conferencing
  • Video resolution and image quality expectations are also growing, which means higher demand for more powerful camera sensors

With the goal to be the leader in powering the multitude of these use cases,’s vision is to develop its next-generation algorithms that can go beyond and create more advanced realtime multimedia experiences.

The Road Ahead

As these mediums, such as video and audio, grow in importance to how we work, learn and communicate, will be in a unique position of fashioning the future of communication technologies. The startup has shown an impressive potential and soon got noticed as a leader in the field of multimedia algorithms, thanks to the highly qualified team and numerous innovative AI moves.

Some years down the line, the could be expected to focus on not only on breakthroughs of new research techniques but more, at the enhancement of the applications of the current tech. Through the creation of platforms and solutions as the product, is on track to have a technological revolution in the space of streams’ creation, transmission, and consumption.

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