12 Kahoot Alternatives for Classroom Quizzes & Interactive Learning

Kahoot Alternatives

Introduction Of Kahoot

Kahoot is an online platform which has made the process of teachers’ and students’ course creation, sharing and playing of some fun games in the classroom much more interesting. It all began in 2013 in Norway with the idea of two entrepreneurs who designed Kahoot, which is now one of the world’s most popular learning platforms with 1 billion players in 181 countries. This post will share free best kahoot alternatives in 2024, so let’s get started!

Students follow next and just direct themselves to go to kahoot.it which will require them to enter a game PIN that will be provided by the teacher. No login and/or student account is a requirement.

Key Takeaways

  • Interactive learning platform
  • Utilizes gamification to enhance engagement in education
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Vast library of pre-made quizzes
  • Creation of engaging and effective learning experiences
  • Suitable for classrooms and corporate training

The quiz starts and students watch questions on the shared screen. Each question is accompanied by a time limit. Students then put their answers on their device. While the students are answering the questions, their names appear on a leaderboard, which allows them to see how they are doing in terms of their scores and the time they spent on the question.

Free Kahoot Alternatives For Large Groups

Here is a list of 18 Free Kahoot Alternatives For Large Groups:-

  1. Splashlearn
  2. Turtlediary
  3. Abcya
  4. LearnEnglishKids – BritishCouncil
  5. Education.com
  6. Starfall
  7. Quizizz
  8. Quizlet
  9. Socrative
  10. Poll Everywhere
  11. Edpuzzle
  12. Peardeck

At present, Kahoot is quite popular among more than 50 million monthly unique active users that are known for prompting its leading position in gamification of teaching process. You can check the kahoot alternatives listed below.

Splashlearn – Kahoot Alternative

free kahoot alternatives for large groups 2024

The Splashlearn learning program is a well-rewarded one that inspires using math, ELA, science and social studies curricula for grades K-5 in a fun and interactive manner. Our Splashlearn has more than 300 self-paced games, videos and printable worksheets to make learning enjoyable and to ensure that it fulfills the unique needs of each learner.

Splashlearn is a good example of that straightforward sentence. The personalized learning plan uses adaptive algorithms to identify and adjust to your child’s unique skills and problems. It is one of the best free Kahoot alternatives in the market today. Splashlearn has developed research-based exercises for the purpose of introducing elementary students to the concepts of math and reading fluency that are necessary for mastering basic skills.


Turtlediary Free Kahoot Alternatives

Turtlediary is a winning digital educational platform, one of the best free Kahoot alternatives that is promoting the calls and games for the educational purposes for the kids aged 2 to 6 years by using the fun and interactive way.

Active in math, reading, science and creativity, Turtlediary is a repository of more than 1,000 learning games which make the journey of learning a joy for the smaller kids. Made by skillful teachers and child psychology specialists, Turtlediary’s games include characters with nice drawings, music and other aspects created to take children at a special age into consideration.

Parents and teachers are free to use this platform, and the new activities that are to be uploaded weekly are free of charge as well. Turtlediary touches the kids and enables them to enjoy learning while developing their basic abilities in main subjects like mathematics or English through play.


Abcya Free Kahoot Alternatives

Abcya is a very popular educational website for children ranging between 5 to 14 years old, with over 400 entertaining learning games and activities which embrace Math, English, typing, problem-solving, and beyond.

It began in 2011 as Abcya and has since been in operation, an online site that is safe, free, and kid-friendly providing children with an avenue for fun and educational lessons. Abcya splashes its animation with lots of colors and a whole range of sounds to help students play or learn.

The site meets safety standards namely by COPPA compliance and storing students’ data in compliance with student data privacy laws. Be it home or school, the Abcya site is doing whatever it takes to encourage kids’ curiosity and development, crafting an effect through play.

LearnEnglishKids – BritishCouncil

LearnEnglishKids - BritishCouncil Free Kahoot Alternatives

Studies say that knowing English will give you real success in life, but games will make you feel the process joyful. English Language Skills is everything you feel needed, with a great deal of games where as you play, you build up the skills.

Select with more than 200 games arranged by the type of skills you need to work on like reading, writing, listening and speaking. Let us play vocabulary and grammar games in a fun and engaging manner. Your direct friends should compete with you to establish their score leading scores.

LearnEnglish Kids games are both fun and useful at the same time; they entertain you, and, unswervingly, improve your skills in English. Discovering mysteries, going on missions, playing sports and games has become the trip of a lifetime to learn English. Well, instead of reading dull textbooks, why don’t we hop onto our games?


Education.com Free Kahoot Alternatives.jpg

Learning through play. This is the reason why Education.com games for kids both on desktop and mobile are so engaging and popular. But why is that? You will find well above 5,000 free games that cover subjects, including arithmetic, reading, science, and so on.

Thus, children from preschool age to standard six can build necessary skills by playing. Education.com’s games are educational and involve children’s efforts through the matching of shapes, numbers comparison, or exploration of new planets the younger minds are engaged by the interactive challenges, as well as the positive reinforcement, and bright animation.

Each one is to be built by an expert educator hence each game will give children the required skills, knowledge, and practice they need. Hence, give a go to Education.com and let your child get education without the old-fashioned drills, rather, enjoy the games that they love—for the sake of learning and laughter on earth.


Starfall Free Kahoot Alternatives.jpg

Starfall Website is an online platform designed to teach kids how to read via engaging games and exercises. Through the phonics approach, the children may then study the alphabet, early reading, and until sentence reading.

Rated colors, funny characters, and sounds that make our ear drums tingle are what make learning how to read in the first place fun. Starfall has more than 50 million children and over 200 thousand in its teachers. No matter where they are – be it at school or at home, Starfall provides an exhilarating medium for students aged between 2 to 7 to learn necessary literacy skills.

It was a product designed specifically for teachers and it is in line with the Common Core State Standards. Here, the website provides teachers and parents with a tracking tool they could use while their children go on the journey to becoming a good reader.


Quizizz Free Kahoot Alternatives.jpg

Quizizz is a tool for teachers which does not require money, and it supports gamified quizzes. Instead of just asking questions, teachers can make quizzes called “quizizzes” on the site in order to test students’ knowledge in the form of fun competition.

Various types of questions could be used in the quizzes and the students can play the quizzes live in class or it can be assigned as their homework. While a quiz resembles a game, students compete with each other and the correct answer and speed matter in this game. Apart from that, student results are stored in histories with question by question analysis. This allows them to chart out their learning progress.

Quizizz give a good play way in which students could go back, revise and test themselves while having fun experiencing at the same time. The achievements of the game are cool and full of energy, while their game-like format to play more quizzes and to master the content are also motivating enough. The growth of about 30 million people around the world is quite a common learning tool used by K-12 teachers today.


Quizlet Free Kahoot Alternatives

Quizlet is a popular site for online studying where students and other users can make many types of educational cards or games with flashcards, quizzes, and many more.

Quizlet is the first study tool that major in the ideas and techniques of 350 million users from across the globe. It is a highly diversified tool and thus it takes care of the needs of different academics tiers. Launched by Andrew Sutherland as a sophomore at MIT in 2005, Quizlet has since become one of the most widely used online learning tools which now exceeds 50 million active users monthly.

Whether it’s a test you are about to take, an alien tongue you are learning, or something for your general knowledge, Quizlet has got you covered with its set of interactive and personalized tools for each individual. This class is a ‘pay-what-you-can’ model with upgrades upgrade available to teachers and classrooms for more features.



Socrative is an education polling system in which teachers can communicate to students through game-based manner. This is done via computers, laptops or mobile phones.

Teachers can form quizzes, polls, experiments, and astronauts missions to detect the students’ understanding at the moment. The next step is when the instructor starts a Socrative exercise and the students simply go to the Socrative website or app, enter the room code found in the teacher portal and start responding.

Moreover, teachers in doing so can monitor the progress of students, figure out the missing, and improve instruction right away. Socrative facilitates informal assessment that is both fun and effective by enabling teachers to appreciate their students understanding at that particular time. Socratively assists teachers to turn their classrooms into incarnations of student-centered learning, nurture teamwork among students, and lead personalized instruction.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a real-time audience interaction system in which presenters can collect feedback from their audience using any contemporary online device such as smartphones and tablets.

Presenters will be able to conduct anonymous polling amongst the audience during meetings and presentations by posting simple poll questions to the audience’s devices which can be in the form of mobile phone, tablets, or laptops in real time.

For the presenter the instant visualization of the responses is given, and they can be shown as graphs or word clouds. Those immediately give the reader a good feeling about whether the audience is getting what is presented and shows their opinion. Whether it are attention-grabbing questions such as multiple choice, open-ended, images clickable, Q&A, and many more, Poll Everywhere learns presentations and group meetings more exciting and successful to the presenter and the participants.

The system is very user-friendly and simple to configure for a presenter while at the same time the audience will find it easy to assemble.



Edpuzzle is a simple video platform which takes away all of the teacher’s headaches for assigning video to the students. Instructors can use any video of YouTube or any other sources. Then, they can cut it, record audio and add quizzes or problems at any time. And, finally, they can share the link or the AVD code via Google Classroom. 

Thus, the teachers can experiment with their lessons by incorporating existing videos which zoom the specific topics they would like their students to master. The students watch the video The answers to quick understanding questions are given in the video content and the students also can pause or rewind the video if they need more time to respond to the questions. 

Through the use of media, Edpuzzle refashions the habit into a focused, interactive learning experience that demonstrate that participants would be more involved. As a result, their media literacy skills will be improved as well. With the help of the educational softwares teachers can determine whether students understand a lesson assignment or not, and they can monitor their quizzes responses.



Peardeck helps teachers to make lessons more interactive, including the students’ questions, drawing boards, text responses, polls, etc. On each Peardeck slide, the teacher is what prompts the students to butt in and answer directly from their very own device, in results, allowing every student voice to be heard and counted in the classroom.

Through Peardeck teachers gain access to next time learning data while they can adjust instruction during class saving teachers and students time. Peardeck easily intertwines with Google Slides and Offices to ensure that the preparation of an interactive presentation is a quick and simple process.

Due to Peardeck, traditional lectures can become incredible learning sessions, in which every learner will be able to actively participate and stay engaged fully. Peardeck regardless of whether is intrapersonal, hybrid or remote, increase the number of student engagement and accuracy.

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