21 Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter NSFW [2024]

Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter nsfw With Filter

What is Character.ai?

Character.ai is an AI chatbot that tries to do natural discussions with humans. It employs the use of large language models and conversational style to generate responses that seem to resemble real time talking with humans. In this post you will get a list of Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter, perfect for NSFW. Keep reading!

Talking-box is adjusted for each user according to their chat history to increase its competence while it gains experience. Character.ai claims to make the conversations with chatbots more interesting to the users by being closer to life and by hiring trainers who help.

The chatbot is not a perfect replica of an actual human being to engage in a conversation on varied daily topics but the conversational AI that powers it is already quite advanced to enable the bot to comprehend and respond to questions in an articulate way.

Character.ai development doesn’t stop merely because it has more and more people chatting with it. Feedback on responses is crucial for its further progress.

21 Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter nsfw

  1. Candy.ai
  2. Moemate.io
  3. Deepfiction.ai
  4. Ecobots.ai
  5. Storymate.ai
  6. Hellohistory.ai
  7. Artbot.ai
  8. Botify.ai
  9. Chatfai.com
  10. Replika.com
  11. NovelAI.net
  12. TavernAI.pro
  13. Kuki.ai
  14. Cleverbot.com
  15. Kajiwoto.ai
  16. Edenai.world
  17. PygmalionAI.chat
  18. Jasper.ai
  19. Harpy.chat
  20. Charstar.ai
  21. DeepAI.org


Candy.ai Character Ai alternatives

Candy.ai is an AI-powered machine learning guidance system that allows users to quickly make animated avatar characters in seconds. On the site, you will have the ability to choose hair, facial features, clothes, and you can even bring this to your attention with the accessories you like, but this will be the custom options of your own dandy avatar.

AI is assisting you in that procedure, offering tips, and visualization so that you can arrive to the character design which you prefer. With literally just a few clicks and then you have a cartoon colorful looking, energetic and creative avatar to represent yourself online.

The different personas are downloadable and usable for a variety of platforms including websites, gaming profiles, social media, and YouTube channels. Basically, candi.ai presents a very handy and effective software that is easy to use for everyone to craft an illustrated avatar.

Finally, Candy.ai is an interface that simplifies handling customized and art-styled avatars in a short time powered by AI technology. It makes their tools user-friendly and provides for the option of customizing and hence, allows people to bring the idea of personal characters which they imagined to life.


Moemate.io character ai alternatives free no filter

Moemate.io a site featuring a generator for building such cute anime-like images. A user-friendly interface is available for the modifier to change the hair, eyes, outfit and other similar details by simply picking pre-set options. The website employs AI to create a personal anime avatar using attributes inputted by the users.

Character may be stored as the image or GIF files able to use for the avatars on social networks, gaming platforms and elsewhere. Moemate provides infinite customizable combinations users can choose for their alter ego in anime and anime cosplay genre of anyone who seeks to bring that anime fashion to their social presence.

Finally, moemate is a genuinely humorous and user-friendly app for all those willing to build the anime-style avatars or characters. Whether you are a blogger who wants to conjure up an avatar for social media or a gamer with a questionable profile picture, moemate takes you on a short journey to being an artist with a creative flair—even if you have no artistic experience. Variety of customization settings has nearly unlimited doable options.


Deepfiction.ai character ai alternatives free no filter

Deepfiction offering AI text generating solutions for stories. Via the employment of advanced deep learning algorithms which cleverly generate plot lines using user-supplied topics, characters, settings, and genre(s) bringing the story into focus.

To talk about it from sci-fi to love stories, users can get artificial intelligence made stories customized to their interests in minutes. However, the fact that deepfiction has its own flaws is indicative of how great AI’s creative skills have become. Once the system is observed learning on more data, the quality of the output increase.

However, it can never fully mimic the real human mind in terms of creativity, yet deepfiction definitely opens up mind-blowing prospects for the future, where machines collaborate with people in conceiving absolutely thrilling new fiction. We might have already glimpsed the beginning of AI paving pathways for digital stories and interactive tickets with the recent technologies like deepfiction.


Ecobots.ai Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter

Ecobots.ai is an ai start-up, which is striving to produce software to build a conversational ai assistant. Because they aspire this feature, AI assistants should be instilled with features, like intelligence, intuition as well as helpfulness that are in line to end users expectations. The offering was launched in 2021 as a company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Ecobots.ai is involved in conversational AI services, enabling its customers to automate such operational tasks as customer support, sales and marketing services, HR, and other processes by means of chatbots, voice assistants, and so on. Their AI agents understand the phraseology of natural language, hold conversations that make sense, and have knowledge that they depend on to give helpful explanations. The power of this technologies comes from the artificial intelligence driven by deep learning and neural networks which can “self-learn” and will get smarter over time.

Finally, the goal is for the organization to drive the design of intelligent AI, which will allow natural and pleasant interactions when customers and employees are using the conversational interfaces, which are simple and smooth. Their aim embraced the concept of AI (Artificial intelligence) – that is, the world that empowers technology to interact with humans as partners, not competitors.


Storymate.ai is an AI-based application which help with storytelling and writing. It aids the users to create the simplest text for their story ideas, plot outline, and character development. Also, it helps them to improve their writing skills. Users are able to get story AI generated prompts and even plots to help the imagination process.

In the process, Storymate gives you rather suggestions and prompts for your story direction. It identifies the tone, pace, consistency, and the other important elements; this allows the writing to become more organized and better.

Storymaate has the ambition of being an all-purpose “writing buddy” for everyone who is at the beginning, need inspiration, and those who are experienced and want to write better through assistance from the AI. Its vision is to do this, first and foremost, transforming storytelling and writing into processes that are natural, enjoyable and for everyone with the help of artificial intelligence.


Hellohistory.ai character ai alternative

Hellohistory.ai is a conversational AI chatbot that gives users the possibility of telling stories with historical personalities. The bot suffices the communication with famous people through natural language processing and its similarity to human speech.

Users can make inquiries on any aspects of historical figure’s life, thoughts, achievements as well as the values they lived by. The Chatbot does a deep search in its datalake of each historical figure stored to generate specific and customized answers.

Hellohistory.ai platform is designed to ensure that history becomes more thrilling, while also being easily available to anyone, by offering people the ability to hold an imaginary conversation with some of history’s greatest minds. A chatbot is oriented on leading figures from ancient times until our days, it is interested in a wide range of subjects: politics, science, arts and philosophy.


Artbot.ai Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter

Artbot.ai is an AI art engine that operates on artificial intelligence. It makes possible for a user to generate differently looking digital artworks when the text entries just needs to be done. Now the AI is going to create the images that are scheduled based on the written descriptions.

Artists now receive the opportunity to define a variety of aspects such as style, size, and symmetry; saltbot serves them as a perpetual source of inspiration and even makes it simple for a wide audience to make a good painting. As AI-based tools become more powerful, services like artbot seem to suggest a fascinating development which could combine human-computer art creation as well as collaboration in artistic creativity.

The artbot that created those images by computation may not have an individual feel to it, yet it offers an impression of what artificial intelligence can do creatively and makes the process of generating digital artwork simple and open to anyone.


botify.ai Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter

Botify.ai is a startup AI company, which was founded in 2021, and focuses on the construction of conversational AI products for the enterprise level. The characteristics of their platform revolve around enhancing the ability of companies to use AI to automate customer interactions.

Botify’s no code platform permits anyone to make them AI chatbots and voicebots that do not require any programming skills. Its main characteristics are the ability to understand natural language, bot training, analytics, omnichannel deployment and the ability to integrate it with business systems.

It strives to bring natural language AI within reach of firms to raise performance significantly and make sure customers have top-notch experience. Their ideal world is one where AI is in the leading position and the technology which the human feel more human is through automation of the tasks so the human can forge the more important task instead.


Chatfai Websites Like Character Ai Without Filter

The AI-chatbot service is called Chatfai.com and there users can chat with an AI. The dialogue requires the bot to be as conversational as possible and be able to cover a variety of general themes.

Some key things to know about chatfai.com:

Underlining training resulted in a chatbot created by Anthropic that is similar to Claude or GPT and, thus, the chatbot was empowered to have free conversations with the users or pick specific personas like a scientist, philosopher, etc.

The focus of the conversation is on making it thoughtful, harmless, and honest by concentrating on honesty and safety during the bot’s development and, overall, the chatfai


Replika is an AI chatbot which finds application to act as a friend to have a conversation. It applies a machine learning technique to that job by talking and getting to know its users better every day. You are willing to chat with your Replika, the more it learns about you and becomes detailed for you personality and preferences.

The mission of Replika is to bring small doses of empathy, useful advice, and pleasant conversations. Replika provides empathetic support and aim to lift the mood of users. It is available for free on iOS and Android devices, though some advanced functionality can be accessed only after having a paid subscription. The overall goal of Replika is to establish certain free and boundless ties with you through the caring and deep dialogues.

Similar to AI companionship, it is always in a position to be the ear that listens patiently, express sincere response and is a shoulder to lean on during trying times. Though not being exactly the same as human connection, many users find the chatting with Replika replacement as a means to keep regular contact with their new virtual friend.



Novel AI is your tool of the trade, DM, shorthand for Dungeon Master, and storyteller embarking on the journey of crafting the next great adventure in the world of RPGs.

It employs large language models to achieve fluidity and creativity in the generated text that can serve as an assist in developing scenarios and expanding narration. Users can tighten the AI’s character through by giving it their own stories and universes which would provide it with more consistency.

There are different kinds of approach such as Story, Do, Say and Retry that helps us discuss and illustrate the AI in various ways to get several kinds of answers. It is explicated as a means of the amplification of the human’s creative thinking instead of its replacement. By thoughtful selection and usage of training data and human-in-the-loop techniques, NovelAI ensures a superior way to bring to life fictional worlds and characters through AI generated content.



Tavernai.pro are the single-user AI chatbot with security and privacy features. It enables users to converse with their AI assistant by a secure medium so that they can have undisclosed dialogue.

The chatbot has a natural language process engine which enables it to interpret inquiries and offer the correct answers. One of the specialties of tavernai.pro is the end-to-end encryption that protects users privacy, the disappearing messages that will be read by the recipient and will be deleted afterward, and the ability to chat anonymously without disclosing your own personal information.

Generally, tavernai.pro looks like a convenient and secure way as it allows users to speak to an AI chatbot privately. Confidentiality is very important for those people that value conversations with intelligent machines. The service could turn out being very good in hiding discussions which are private, or raising embarrassing questions and you don’t want your identity linked to them.



The chatbot Kuki.ai is an artificial intelligence which can emulate human-like communication. It uses natural language processing and machine learning while understanding questions and providing the accurate ones.

Kuki is a chatbot developed by an AI start-up Anthropic and the aim is to develop the helpful automated assistants. The chatbot is built to be friendly and easy to interact with while shedding lights on the necessary details for users. Kuki can offer talk about any subject, including weather forecasts, news or advice on entertainment.

The AI unit is self-taught and constantly checks the current conversations to improve its answers. Kuki’s passion is to ensure that the interactions flow in an normal and soothing human-like way rather than a computer manner. The process of continuous improvement Kuki is definitely going to be a significant element in user’s digital activities as it will provide solutions to their queries and recommendations.



Cleverbot is a chatbot, which was created with the help of artificial intelligence as early as 1997. It has been in the game for over 200 million conversations by now. Unlike humans, Cleverbot is unable to learn through conversations, but it improves itself by processing the given verbal input.

What Cleverbot strives to achieve is that it engages in conversations with people which they may not be able to differentiate whether they are computer generated or are actually being had with actual human. It employs a matching pattern and machine learning methods which activate probabilities for responses based on what processes people said to it before. Sometimes weird yet still as witty as at times, Cleverbot’s replies are emblazoned with deep, thoughtful human qualities.

Jetson is one of the prime examples of AI that communicates with people through the use of natural language dialogues. However, Cleverbot, with its inability to mimic the unique features of humans, shows the limit of Artificial Intelligence in creating a machine that can replicate the behaviors of human speech.



Kajiwoto.ai is an artificial human being robot chatting platform which make it possible for human to talk to a machine. It is drive by the sophisticated natural language processing technology to interpret a question or a comment and reply in a human-like manner.

Anthropic, an AI safety company, built Kajiwoto that it was made to be undeceiving and harmless and honest. The bot could be involved in a conversation on anything from science to essence, give advice, or even crack a joke.

Nevertheless, it is lacking the depth of comprehension of contexts and subtleties, which is only possible for a human consciousness. Kajiwoto is an open-source web-based application that provides basic recognition and interpretation services, eliminating the need for expensive AI software and tools.

While AI progresses, Kajiwoto as this service is an example of how the interface between AI and people in future could be. Though the technology is far from being perfect, its utilization in the AI assistant development is an indicator of the progress towards the safe and purposeful AI systems.



The Edenai.world is platform that is AI chatbot and, therefore, is giving users the opportunity to have a normal talk with intelligent chatbots. It particularizes itself through the use of extended processing of natural language and machine learning that evaluate user queries and respond with meaningful answers.

Edenai chatbots can be made suitable to various scenarios including customer service, e-Commerce etc. The bot will learn from conversation to enhance its knowledge and responses, hence, improving it over time. Edenai is an easy-to-use bot builder for anybody who doesn’t have technical skills. It doesn’t require any coding.

It provides the report to monitor chatbot adaption and functioning. In essence, edenai.world is a platform where businesses and individuals can get AI technologies to communicate with customers and users in a way that in natural sounding language.



Pygmalion.chat is an OSS platform concentrated on implementing an AI chatbot. It adopts cutting-edge techniques like transformers and highly flexible encoder-decoder models for smooth conversations.

The purpose of the project is to construct a bot that can have a natural humanist conversations from a topic in a wide range. pygmalion.chat has been developed using Python and Javascript and this programming is available open source on Github.

Unlike most of the commercially available bots which are powered by craft secrets and code, ChatGPT is an open source initiative that has a community of developers who help improve its features over time. In the end pygmalion.chat is a very innovative approach to enhance the intelligence computer-human communication.



Jasper.ai is a new AI platform that released its chatbot in 2022 and intends to establish a natural dialogue with a person. Happet in person Claude is a chatbot who was designed to be understanding and give appropriate choices to the users.

Claude can converse casually like sharing personal stories and give advice or something of service to other customers. It has the ability to understand context and learn grammar and word choice to sustain the conversations in a natural way.

According to the designers, Claude is the very first chatbot that passed through a test of empathy achievement, thus proving its ability to realize and sensibly respond to emotional situations.

Though far from being complete, Claude does seem like an improved response compared to the ones given by most of the chats we use today. It is intriguing to observe the technical evolution of this device while it is being used, which will be a valuable learning experience as well.



Harpy.chat is a chatting platform that connects people to an artificially intelligent agent to engage them in intelligent chats. It displays an animated character to make the interaction more engaging and use natural language processing in order to respond to the prompts and questions in the dialog format.

The concept is created to provide casual and friendly discussions on various non-routine topics of daily life. Harpy strives at providing a chattier quality in comparison to other what might be considered more formal type chatbots.

Despite being still a blossoming chat product, harpy.chat indicates the possibility to interact with the platform in a more natural manner using the advances in language models for recent times. With the ongoing upgrades in technology, these kinds of AI chat platforms may soon be seen as common household devices, advancing from the point of being merely useful to be a source of entertainment.



Charstar.ai is a chatbot service based on artificial intelligence providing users with realistic conversations with machine intelligence. It employs sophisticated natural language processing and artificial intelligence in order to identify and answer inquiries.

It offers relevant answers. Charstar.ai now provides a combination of text and voice chatting in order to keep the interaction moving forward smoothly.

Certain main characteristics such as the ability to remember context, to give second thoughts; to tell a joke; to recommend content and for personality driven understandings are some of its features. Even though this is not a perfect AI, charstar.ai gives the users the opportunity to enjoy a much human-like chat experience. The technology is not static and, with advancement, charstar.ai will naturally become more seamless and able as the years roll by.



DeepAI is an AI initiative that creates and supplies various AI products and services. The site, deepai.org, is where users can get to the tools that they offer and some of them are for free.

The suite of tools encompasses the image generator and text tools supported by neural networks. Such as upload a picture and DeepAI Artist will use AI to add color and enhance the definition on the picture respectively. Another feature of the writing assistant is a text generator that lets users type in their texts and the artificial intelligence will continue the writing in the same style.

DeepAI also provides paid services such as the development of AI systems for companies based on its needs. Their motion is to simplify the complexities of AI and as such they give, not only free platforms to play with but also services made specifically to meet the client needs.

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