17 Free Vumoo Alternatives to Stream Movies and TV Shows Online

Vumoo Alternatives

Vumoo Introduction

Vumoo is a free streaming website where users can watch movies and TV shows without any registration or fees. A straightforward ad-centralized user interface allows the Vumoo to link content stored on the third-party servers, and the Vumoo does not host media itself. Here in this post you will find 17 Free Vumoo Alternatives to Stream Movies and TV Shows Online.

However, the legality of these sites has been a controversial issue. Nevertheless, Vumoo is still popular because of its huge collection of both new and old movies in various genres which are easy to navigate through, sort and also do not require a subscription or payment. This, however, comes as a mixed blessing since pop-up ads and the risk of malware may frustrate some users.

If you’re browsing for websites like Vumoo for streaming without signing in or signing up, these fifteen best Vumoo alternatives are right for you in 2024.

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Vumoo Alternatives That Are The Best For Free Streaming In 2024

Here is a long list of free vumoo alternatives that are the best to stream movies and Tv shows online:-

1. Tubi

Vumoo alternates that are the best for free streaming in 2024

Tubi is an example of the largest free streaming platform where video content can be accessed in “thousands” and the account is not required.

  • The streaming which is completely legal and free.
  • No registration needed
  • A library having over 20,000 books.
  • Intuitive controls and convenient navigation are features that make the device user-friendly.
  • The apps are available in mobile and TV apps versions.
  • In contrast with other free sites, the number of ads that I can run will be limited.

And, Tubi is the best option for those who were fans of the big offers of Vumoo, as it has the largest content library among the free streaming sites.

2. Crackle


Crackle is a well-known name in free online streaming for many years it is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

  • Collection of own content and purchased by license shows and movies.
  • No signup needed
  • Can be accessed on all platforms.
  • Less advertising compared to other free apps.
  • Option to upgrade to Crackle Plus if you have enough content.

Though the Crackle does not offer new blockbusters, its catalog of older popular movies and shows makes it one of the top-notch alternatives among Vumoo users.

3. Peacock Tv

Peacock Tv

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s on-demand streaming platform that has a free tier.

  • Card is not required for sign up process.
  • Nowadays, more and more people are online, which increases the demand for entertainment. One of the ways to meet the needs is to provide access to popular NBC shows and classic theater for free.
  • The free version has more than 15,000 hours of content.
  • NBC channel series opening for the first two seasons, including The Office.
  • Limited ads

For example, the hit show The Office and the classic Friday Night Lights among the Peacock’s free plan, users get better entertainment and that is for free.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has distinguished itself by offering a streaming service which is modeled on actual TV channels.

  • Instant download without a charge.
  • No registration necessary
  • With over 100 free live channels to watch, it is definitely a go-to recommendation.
  • Movies, TV programs, news, sports and many other channels
  • That is the easy part as you can get it on all the major devices.
  • The intuitive channel guide is the first thing that comes to the user interface.

If you long for the time when you could change the channels on the TV, Pluto TV is like a treat brought to you by Vumoo. It is not only on-demand streaming but also a unique way of watching TV.

The Roku Channel is a TV and movie streaming platform for Roku device users that offers free movies and TV shows.

  • library of free films and shows
  • No subscription, signup, zero fees are charged.
  • Increases the choices from other more streaming providers.
  • On the web and Roku devices are the options for you to choose from.
  • Limited advertising

Unlike other modern sites of streaming, The Roku Channel comes with a friendly layout and standard commercials to serve as the free option for Roku users, who are looking for a substitute for Vumoo.

6. Kanopy


Kanopy, a streaming service, is a standout feature exclusively accessible through library card or university access.

  • Thousands of hard-to-find movies and documentaries are just there.
  • Users can use their library memberships to find out about availability of a book.
  • Borrow and stream for several songs or albums a month on the plan you selected.
  • No commercials or fees when one becomes a library member
  • For instance, the mobile and TV versions are provided.

Accessibility is however limited to the kenyan film viewers as they need to be the library participants. However,kanopy has a large database of films especially for the indie film and documentaries. It is now a new educational website that replaces the former free streaming sites.

7. Hoopla


With Hoopla, the library has the ability to enter into partnerships at the local level with libraries, which then allow their subscribers to obtain free streaming services.

  • Films, shows, music, audiobooks or something else that a person likes.
  • Borrow and watch a set limit of titles per month.
  • Interface applications designed for all devices.
  • No fills or fines for overdue books
  • Child-friendly filtering system

Hoopla facilitates the streaming of the top movies included in your library membership being a family-friendly alternative to the sites that are not available anymore such as Vumoo.

8. PlexTV


Although Plex involves downloads of free server software, they provide the choice of variety of streaming media, which is worth it.

  • A variety of the latest on-demand films, television shows, and web series are free of charge.
  • Plex News and Plex Sports present live streaming channels.
  • Interactive player who is also useful and feature-rich.
  • Bring your own media library to life.
  • Premium content with the Plex Pass available as an option.

The quality of the free streaming movies and shows on Plex is another unique factor due to its strong partnerships. It has better media player and library features.

9. Popcornflix


Popcornflix showcases movies and TV shows only on free ad-supported streaming without payment.

  • The Screen Media Venture is the owner of the project.
  • Ten of hundreds of cinematographic works are updated on the platform.
  • This digital newspaper is a free resource with no subscription or registration required.
  • With the availability of the app on all platforms, you can use it anytime on the go.
  • Contain ads in order to keep the viewing free.

Adhering to its own particular free streaming ecosystem, Popcornflix is consistently broadening its assortment of gratis movies that may be viewed on any devices, which makes it one of the briefest Vumoo alternatives.

10. IMDb TV

IMDb TV provides you with free popular movies and TV shows as part of the Amazon Prime Video and Amazon-owned IMDb.

  • Updating catalog with new movies and series is a systematic process.
  • From oldies to the latest releases, their repertoire is immensely diverse and covers a wide range of genres and decades.
  • The ads during the programming is reduced.
  • The channel is available through Amazon Prime Video in addition to other OTT platforms.
  • The users are able to see on Fire TV and mobile IMDb app.

Amazon is now the property of millions of people who are not interested in it.

11. CWTV

CW the network has the list for you with many popular TV shows that you can watch for free and there are very few commercials.

  • Watch Riverdale and other CW serials for free ahead of time.
  • On their website and CW app, you can find this shade range.
  • Airing every day, close to the after-airing of new episodes.
  • Contains advertising
  • A very favorite thing to these young people is the content of the network focused on teens and young adults.

Even though the CW programming is still the main focus, fans of those series who used to rely on Vumoo can now legally stream those episodes on CWTV’s free services.

12. Xumo

Differently, Xumo makes streaming simple by catering for TV online channels of news, sports, movies and other genres too.

  • 100+ digital channels and no extra fees.
  • No need to sign up or subscribe.
  • A stream of audio and video is also embedded on the site and apps.
  • Provided on lots of devices for streaming purpose
  • Fewer ads than the other free services

The company has again achieved yet another free choice to replicate televisions simple process of just turning on its live streams that are around focused interests and a user-friendly interface.

Besides other Plex free media streams, Plex News and Plex Sports are the other channels through which you can stream your interests.

  • Enjoying live performances of sports and news will be free of cost and available anytime.
  • Facilities from around the world, approximately hundreds.
  • The picks that are chosen for you are the ones that are most relevant to you.
  • There are no fees, contracts, and signup requirements needed to do this.
  • Demand for the use of Plex Media Server (can be downloaded free).

For those who are deprived of access to live sports events and news programming, Plex’s free offerings in these areas are the best that fill the gap created by Vumo and other similar sites.

14. LookMovie

On LookMovie, you can choose among thousands films and series that belong to different genres, they are like action, comedy, horror etc. Your movies and shows will be in HD quality and you can add subtitles to it. It doesn’t require registration.

common features:

  • Large content library
  • different quality options
  • Subtitle/closed caption
  • Personalization – Elements such as watchlist, recommendations, and viewers’ continue watching section
  • Cross-device compatibility – Streaming platforms are usually compatible with multiple devices

This will be of utter importance to you if you are a fan of classical movies instead of the cinema of nowadays, and therefore, the LookMovie will be one of the best online resources available to you that takes this place of Vumoo.

15. YesMovies

Yes, the YesMovies interface is the best thing about it because it allows you to stream full-length movies and TV shows for free. The site is hosted caries a massive media library that cover your different genres of your field. Besides that, you can always drop a request to be given a book when it is not among the existing stock.

key features:

  • Expansive library of films and series available to pick from, frequently containing latest and older titles.
  • Various options of the video quality streams, say 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions.
  • Movie and TV categories/genres are introduced in order to facilitate users in browsing and searching for content.
  • The section of “My Watchlist” as a personalization level, will be dedicated to saving movies to watch later.
  • Quick search function to get specific movie or TV show title.

16. SolarMovie

One of the top Vumoo Alternatives, SolarMovie is a site with a vast collection of the most popular movies and TV series. It delievers high-speed streaming and anything you want is free of charge. Therefore, the ad blocker browser extension will be temporarily disabled.

17. Fmovies4free

If you want to avoid ads when streaming, FMovies is your perfect choice. In addition to great HD picture quality, it now also has the latest movies and shows. There is no need to have an account or anything like that in order to begin watching movies.

Final Words

Even though the shutdown of places like Vumoo is bad, there are still a lot of free streaming sites which are legitimate. A wide selection of free services such as Tubi, Crackle, and Hoopla can be found without any registration or becoming part of a paying membership. Some services have flexible models like ad-supported streaming, partnered access model or public domain products to offer high quality contents complying with the copyright laws. Think about the 15 alternatives to Vumoo that can be used in 2023.

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