CroxyProxy Youtube Unblocked Guide – Use Without Limits and Enjoy Unlimited Streaming

CroxyProxy Youtube Unblocked Guide


Youtube is a website that attracts millions of visitors every day and it is among the most visited websites in the world. Though it is extensively used for its fast, reliable and cheap services, it is frequently filtered at schools, colleges, offices, and even by some ISPs because of limited bandwidth or decreased productivity.

Follow few simple steps that can be followed to ensure that the use of Youtube and other social networks is not limited on various networks.

Key Takeaways

  • It disguises the user’s identify and enables the escape from limitations.
  • This gives the users more freedom on the internet but they should be careful of fake proxy services offering fake YouTube proxies together with malware.
  • Services such as CroxyProxy can help web users evade restrictions placed on specific websites in a network or country.
  • Proxy services can unblock the restricted access but as for the admissible aspect, it depends on the geography of the user and the state laws.
  • Proxy services do not offer anonymity to the users and have no protection for the users’ data or information.
  • Streaming a video through a proxy connection may be less clear or buffer more often.

One of the best and easiest methods to unblock Youtube is by using a proxy site like CroxyProxy. It is an open-source web proxy which helps to unblock the desired sites and use restricted services, such as Youtube, anonymously.

What is CroxyProxy and How it Unblocks Youtube

CroxyProxy is a free web proxy service that helps to connect your browser to the site with the help of the service as the middleman.

Here’s how it works:

  • There is a site called CroxyProxy where you type the address of the site that is banned in your country.
  • CroxyProxy requests the webpage through its servers rather than your network.
  • The linked page is then automatically unblocked with the help of CroxyProxy server and can be viewed without any restrictions set by the network administrator.

This enables you to get past and browse the forbidden sites such as Youtube among others. The site doesn’t compel its users to register for an account or log in to make use of the site.

Some key features of CroxyProxy:

  • It is completely free and non intrusive through lack of advertisements.
  • Is there any site that this tool unblocks? It unblocks Youtube and many other video, social, gaming and music sites.
  • Convenient to navigate without signing up for or paying for a membership
  • Invisibility cloak for camouflage while surfing
  • This is a program that works in support of HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  • It comes in form of a web application and also available in form of add-ons to browsers.

Therefore, if your school, college or workplace has restricted Youtube using the proxy addresses provided above, CroxyProxy becomes your key to freedom.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unblock Youtube using CroxyProxy

The process that must be followed in order to unblock the blocked Youtube videos through CroxyProxy is very simple.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit CroxyProxy Website

Go to the CroxyProxy website. The site is simple and uncluttered with the only input box where the proxy URL is to be inserted in the central part of the page.

Step 2: Enter Youtube URL

In the provided input box, type in the entire Youtube video URL which you want to get access to.

For example:

You can input the URL to any single Youtube video or any Youtube channel that may be restricted on your network.

Step 3: Click “Surf Anonymously” Button

After you put in the Youtube URL and click on the “Anonymous surfing” button under the textbox. This will lead you directly to the Youtube video page through the CroxyProxy servers thus removing any form of restriction implemented in your network.

And that’s it! But today there are no restrictions and you can watch the Youtube video in its full form without any problem.

They are all the same if you wish to unblock a particular channel or any other part of Youtube blocking.

Why CroxyProxy is Best for Unblocking Youtube

There are many free web proxies and VPNs that can be accessed online today with the help of a search engine. But CroxyProxy stands ahead of most options when it comes to unblocking sites like Youtube, here’s why:

  • No registration fee – Most other VPNs will need the consumer to create an account and sometimes pay a subscription fee.
  • Less interference – The simplicity is another advantage in that there are no many settings, and no variation of services or choices.
  • High bandwidth – Uses low bandwidth fit for video streaming making it possible to stream videos at high speeds.
  • PricingNo logs policy – Does not keep user logs or browsing history for privacy sake.
  • Compatibility – Supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android and iPhone.
  • Free browser extensions – Website offers simple one- click browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

It has all the features that one would expect of an ideal proxy site such as, protection of privacy, anonymity, fast streaming speeds and compatibility with multiple platforms to effectively act as an ideal proxy site for unblocking blocked sites such as Youtube.

CroxyProxy – Usage Tips for the Best Experience

Here are some tips to get the best experience when using CroxyProxy to access blocked websites:

  • When typing in the URL, make sure to always begin it with the HTTPS prefix rather than the HTTP one in order to maximize the protection of your data.

  • If the page seems to be unresponsive or an image does not load correctly, try reloading the page. Sometimes, simply refreshing helps rectify problems with the loading of a particular fix.

  • If speed is very slow, please go to the option Chrome/Firefox/Opera browser extensions on the site for faster streaming.

  • In the case that the browser extension cannot be installed on mobile devices, the solution may not be applicable. If not, then opt for the web-based proxy site which is equally compatible with iOS as well as Android OS mobile devices.

  • In case CroxyProxy has been blocked on your network as well, you can use other proxy sites such as Zalmos, UltraSurf, Hidester, etc. , as these web proxies use different proxy servers and IPs.

By following these tips, you can remove any hurdles you might come across, and freely unblock Youtube by using CroxyProxy without worrying about being blocked again.


I hope this comprehensive guide was informative in illustrating how you can use CroxyProxy to help you unlock Youtube in forbidden areas such as schools, colleges or workplaces.

The free proxy is very simple to configure, it is 100% anonymous, it doesn’t have any pop-ups, it works seamlessly on all platforms and has a good streaming speed. Such benefits make CroxyProxy one of the best choices to use on firewalls with no limitations on watching the unlimited variety of Youtube videos without bans or blocks.

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